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LevelUp Launches Sabertron: Foam Sword Play that Keeps Score

LevelUp Incorporated is pleased to announce Sabertron: Sword Play with Electronic Scoring, a
new idea in interactive gaming. LevelUp is funding Sabertron via a Kickstarter crowdfunding
campaign with a goal of $195,000 during the month of February, and has been covered in
Engadget, Tech Crunch, Recode, tweeted by Walt Mossberg, and is being covered by Discovery
Channel Canada's Daily Planet this week.

Austin, TX (PRWEB) February 04, 2014 -- LevelUp Incorporated launched a Kickstarter campaign on January
29, 2014 for Sabertron: Sword Play with Electronic Scoring, its first interactive gaming product. Sabertron is
designed to bring the interactive gaming element of video games to the real world. The Kickstarter campaign
runs until February 28, 2014 and hopes to raise $195,000.

The Kickstarter campaign has already achieved 20% of its funding goal and was covered by Engadget, Tech
Crunch, Recode, and a tweet from Walt Mossberg. The Discovery Channel Canada is covering Sabertron as
part of "Invent This" week on the Daily Planet television show.

Sabertron allows players to have a foam sword fight and lets the swords keep score. The swords have LED
player health meters integrated into each handle. Each hit of the soft-touch foam sword against a player's body
results in the loss of health on that player's health meter. Sword-to-sword clashes are not counted as a hit and
are ignored. The player who runs out of health first loses.

Each Sabertron foam sword contains cutting edge wireless and motion tracking technology that makes it
possible to determine when the swords have hit another player versus another sword. Players are not required to
wear any special clothing.

The swords are intended to be high-end toys for adults and children utilizing quality-finished materials and
high-strength polycarbonate core construction making them as light as possible. The Kickstarter rewards
offered for successful funding of the project include a choice of lightsaber or medieval style set. In addition,
backers who offer higher pledges are offered premium sword model choices.

"Sabertron has received an overwhelmingly positive response from fans during our pre-Kickstarter marketing
campaign on Facebook. Our target audience is very excited about Sabertron and understands that it offers
interactive scoring for a foam sword fight, which is a feature not offered by any other product," said David
Lynch, Founder and CEO, LevelUp Incorporated.

Gamers who would like to know more about Sabertron can find more information and see a demonstration
video on the company's product website at or directly on the Kickstarter project page at
Later accessories planned for 2014 include health displays that are worn by each player and wirelessly
communicate with the player's sword. This will enable a mode of playing with greater than two people, making
it possible for mass multiplayer gaming. The addition of active shields, armor, and helmets will complete the
Sabertron system and allow a full combat simulation, similar to Live Action Role Play (LARP) gaming.
"We see a lot of excitement in the LARPing community about what this will do for the game. We have many

ideas for future products in this space," said Lynch.

LevelUp Incorporated was created in 2013 to bring interactive gaming to the real world. The company will
introduce products that employ the latest technological innovations in creative ways for toys, exercise, and

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